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Testimonials - Overcoming the 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job

"As an upcoming graduate, the recruitment process is something I haven't been looking forward to. However, armed with knowledge of the 12 hurdles gained through your course, I'm confident that navigating the path to a graduate job will be a lot less daunting." TD 

"Very informative and comprehensive, absolutely liked the way Peter presents and contextualises the content. However, I think there is more (potentially the ugly face of the Australian job market; e.g., name/race discrimination) that remains unexplained, at at that is my view from my disheartening personal experience." SN

"I'm a penultimate year student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Economics. I just wanted to thank you for your introductory course of overcoming the 12 hurdles to getting a graduate role! I found it extremely insightful!" VT

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