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Name Discrimination

Posted 12/14/2015


name discrimination

Last week I was speaking with a recent graduate who believed he was a victim of name discrimination in his job applications. While I'd like to believe that doesn't happen today, the reality is there are many lazy recruiters (employers and agencies) who stereotype based on name.    

What do they do? The recruiter makes an assumption about that candidate's communication skills and cultural fit drawn from the recruiters past experience. The recruiter rejects the candidate without reviewing their application. It's the action of a lazy recruiter.

I asked the recent graduate to send me his resume and cover letter. Both were perfect. It was true that the positions he was applying for were very compteitive. But still I was surprised he hadn't had one call from a recruiter.

Over the years I have read where candidates claim to have had more successs submitting an application under a "local "name. It's really disappointing that people need to resort to that. I guess it's another hurdle that some candidates face when they have to deal with a lazy recruiter.    

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