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Graduate Can't get Past Video Stage

Posted 11/30/2015

Nicolás EspinosaThis business graduate has a credit average grade, 2 internships, part-time work (retail, tutoring etc), awards and extra-curricular activities etc. In all applications he's reached either video interview stage or assessment center. He wants to know why he's not getting through.

The Insider says:

Given that you make it through to AC and video interview, I'd say there are probably two weak spots.

1. Cultural fit. Employers struggle to communicate what constitutes a cultural fit but further into the assessment process it becomes more apparent if a candidate is a fit or not. This becomes clearer in the assessment centre and screening interviews.

I wouldn't recommend applying to "lots of programs". Better to apply to employers you really want to work for.

2. Strength of behavioural skills examples. The video interview is a screen-out process. At that stage, the employer is still trying to funnel down the number of applicants. They're screening based on core behavioural skills including verbal communication and why you want to work with them. The latter is assessing for cultural fit.

So my recommendation is to take a hard look at the examples you're giving to behavioural questions and see if you can beef them up.


Image: Nicolás Espinosa

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