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Career advisors know that there is always a proportion of graduates who will find great graduate jobs through their own initiative. They’re the ones who just seem to flow through the process.

But the majority of graduates find it much harder. They may know the steps in the process and what to expect. But what they don’t know is what it takes to be successful at each stage.

Here is a way for universities and institutions to give their students the best help to secure a graduate job.

Overcoming 12 hurdles to getting graduate jobOvercoming the 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job

is a series of video lectures which explains just that.  How employers use each of the hurdles to assess and screen out candidates, what they look for and potential strategies available to graduates. The course has been developed and is presented by Peter Pychtin, a graduate recruitment expert with more than 20 years international experience.

The course is self-paced and runs for around 90 minutes. Course content is:

  • Introduction
  • 12 Assessment Hurdles
  • Behavioral Questions & Examples of Winning Answers
  • Personal Action Plan

In addition to the 12 Assessment Hurdles, there is a section on Behavioral Questions & Answers for the 8 most commonly assessed behavioural skills. Importantly it includes examples of winning answers from past candidates to give graduates a benchmark for success.

The course concludes with a 5 point Personal Action Plan. View full course details and free previews.

While students are able to purchase the course individually, we offer an Educator package which enables a University or institution to offer the course free to its students at a token cost to the university / institution. That represents enormous value to the student.

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