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Overcoming the 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job Overcoming the 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job

  • Overcome the 12 Hurdles of Graduate Assessment to Exponentially Increase Your Success in Winning a Graduate Job
  • Develop Your Own Winning Answers to the 8 Most Popular Behavioral Skills Questions
  • Build a 5 Point Personal Action Plan to Win Your Dream Graduate Job

There are numerous resources available to students that describe the graduate recruitment process, what to expect in interviews, assessment centres etc. and in general what employers look for. But that’s just general information. It doesn’t tell students what it takes to get that graduate job. And employers don’t want to give away their secrets of how they really assess candidates.

That’s what this course does. It goes into depth to explain to students exactly how employers assess and screen candidates at each stage of the process. It provides insider tips and strategies to make it through each stage - even if a student doesn’t meet the employer’s stated selection criteria.  

Here are three examples:

What Employers Say They Look For

What They Don’t Say

"We look for well-rounded candidates who have successfully balanced university, work experience and extra-curricular activities, the ability to work in a team and a desire to learn and drive your own career. Your motivation to work in our industry".

What are their preferred candidate characteristics: Analytical vs Creative; Challenge vs Conform; Lead vs Follow; Ambitious vs Steady


Assessment Centres


What They Don’t Say

"We use a collection of tests and exercises designed to simulate the organization environment. They help identify those candidates with the most suitable personal attributes, problem solving or teamwork skills and we can determine who would fit best and excel in our structure and culture".

Candidates are being constantly assessed and that includes the “informal” coffee / lunch breaks. You are under scrutiny all the time. But engaging with managers during breaks is a powerful way to demonstrate enthusiasm, promote yourself and overcome any performance issues in the exercises. 


Online Application Screening Questions


What They Don’t Say

“When organizing a work team, you prefer to choose those who:

  •          Have different strengths
  •          Have the most technical expertise
  •          Cooperate with each other
  •          Follow instructions
  •          Think like you”

This organisation has diversity as a core value and they want employees who value the different strengths of individuals. Answer incorrectly and it will be an automatic rejection at the first stage.

This course is a must-take for any MBA or graduate ready to apply for a graduate program or a job for a recent graduate. Internship applicants will also find it invaluable as you will learn how to overcome the 12 hurdles of the graduate recruitment process.

Insider knowledge from an international graduate recruitment expert will help you overcome the hurdles to win your dream graduate job.

The course explains how employers use 12 hurdles to screen out applicants. You will learn in detail what employers look for and how to get past each of the hurdles.

Nearly every graduate employer uses behavioral questions, so there is a bonus section giving you examples of questions for the 8 most common behavioral skills. And with real life examples of winning answers.

The course concludes with a 5 point personal action plan.

The course is around 90 minutes of insights, tips and insider knowledge from the leading international expert in graduate recruitment. 

The course structure is:

  • Introduction
  • 12 Assessment Hurdles
  • Behavioral Questions & Winning Answers
  • Personal Action Plan

As a graduate or intern you should take this course to maximize your opportunity to get your dream job. Whether you’re a top graduate looking for an edge in a highly competitive graduate program. Or a graduate who is unsure why they haven’t been successful and wants to turn that around. Your success rate after completing this course will be exponentially higher!

Competition is fierce for graduate roles. If you don't take this course, chances are your competitor has!

This is the start of your career and a small investment in this course now, will deliver a lifetime of rewards!




Section 1: The 12 Hurdles

Lecture 1:Introduction and Course Outline

Lecture 2:The Online Application

Lecture 3:Cover Letter

Lecture 4:Resume

Lecture 5:Grades & Testing

Lecture 6:Cultural Fit

Lecture 7:Screening Interview

Lecture8 :Video Submission

Lecture 9:In-person Interview

Lecture 10:Assessment Center

Lecture 11:Assessment Center Behind the Scenes

Lecture 12:Tips For Assesment Centers

Lecture 13:Background Checking & Job Offer

Lecture 14:Recap of the 12 Hurdles


Section2:Behavioral Skills - Theory and Examples of Questions and Answers 
Prepare your own winning answers to 8 most common categories of behavioral questions

Lecture 15:Behavioral Questions Overview

Lecture 16:Achievement / Initiative

Lecture 17:Leadership

Lecture 18:Problem Solving / Analysis

Lecture 19:Teamwork / Collaboration

Lecture 20:Priority Management

Lecture 21:Influencing / Communication

Lecture 22:Innovation

Lecture 23:Written Communication

Lecture 24:Exercise & Recap


Section3:Personal Action Plan 
Successfully overcome the 12 hurdles of graduate recruitment

Lecture 25:Personal Action Plan


Section4:Course Credits 
Credits for Content



Course Details

Course Overview (video)

Assessment Center Behind the Scenes (video lecture)

Innovation Skills, Behavioral Questions & Answers

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