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  The Insider's Playbook: Getting That Graduate Job

Have some weak spots in your application? Grades aren’t great, no real leadership roles or relevant work experience is limited? What do you do? This gives you “work around” solutions to the 14 most common graduate application shortcomings.  Learn how other graduates have overcome them.

The Insiders Playbook: Getting That Graduate Job shows you how employers really assess applications and how they use a cookie cutter model. It goes through in detail each of the screening tools (the 12 Hurdles) used by employers. It’s the complete playbook that covers every candidate situation in the graduate application process.

There is a self-assessment exercise to benchmark your current application against the common assessment criteria used by employers. You’ll see where gaps are. And the course will help you bridge them.  

Not sure how your answers to behavioural questions will measure up. There are examples of “winning” answers to the 8 popular behaviours.

This course shares the secrets of employers and “lifts the veil” on the graduate recruitment process. Use the power of knowledge and start your career in the graduate job you really want.


Newly released it’s free to the first 200.You can view full details and then enroll in the course for FREE at

  • Absolutely, Maximize your Opportunity for Graduate Job Success and your Dream Graduate Job
  • Know What Employers Look For and Why!
  • Overcome the 12 Hurdles of Graduate Assessment
  • Develop Your Own Winning Answers to the 8 Most Popular Behavioral Skills Questions
  • Develop Work Around Strategies for up to 14 Graduate Application Weak Spots
  • Develop a 5 Point Personal Action Plan to Win Your Dream Graduate Job

This course is intended for MBAs, graduates and interns ready to apply to graduate / intern programs. It is also suitable for recent graduates applying for a graduate job. Insider knowledge is power and the course is perfect if you want a power-start to your career. Similarly if you think you need help to improve your application, this is definitely the right course.

What you learn will surprise and even shock you. Insider knowledge from an international graduate recruitment expert will help you overcome the hurdles to win your dream graduate job.

The course is more than two hours of insights, tips and insider knowledge from the leading international expert in graduate recruitment. You will learn the secrets of employers.

The course structure is:

  • Introduction
  • What Employers Look For and Why You Don’t Get Through
  • How Do You Rate?
  • 12 Assessment Hurdles
  • Behavioral Questions & Winning Answers
  • 14 Work Around Solutions
  • Personal Action Plan

This course is ideal for graduates and interns who want to be fully prepared. And if you're unsure about your chances because youhave some weaknesses in your background, then you need help from the Work Around strategies. 

You know that competition for graduate roles is fierce. If you don't take this course, chances are your competitor has!

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