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Peter Pychtin

Peter PychtinInternational Graduate Recruitment Expert was developed by Peter Pychtin as a way of helping all graduates and interns maximize their chances of getting their dream job.

There is always the minority of graduates who successfully find great graduate jobs on their own. They’re the ones who flow through the process and easily fit the employer’s graduate cookie cutter.

But for the majority, the process is hit and miss. They may know the steps in the application and assessment processes. But what they don’t know is what it takes to be successful at each stage. That’s what I call the 12 Hurdles to a Graduate Job. Access to this knowledge will increase their success rate exponentially.

Some background about me. I started my career as a graduate in fast moving consumer goods and went on to work for global corporations in senior management in North America and Australia. The aspect of my roles that I enjoyed the most was campus recruitment and mentoring and developing young professionals. That led me to start a graduate recruitment business with a mission of helping young professionals to develop successful careers.

With more than 20 years experience, I’m an international expert in graduate and intern recruitment. I’ve worked with the biggest global organizations, mid-sized companies, government and not-for-profit organizations. I also chair an employer advisory group to the business faculty of a world's top 50 university.

I know all there is to know about graduate recruitment, the selection process, the hurdles employers use and what they really look for in graduates. And I know where the loop-holes are in the recruitment process!

Ask senior executives today about their graduate background and many will tell you there is no way they would have been hired based on today’s criteria. The graduate cookie cutter is an efficient tool for an employer but it limits diversity of talent.

The 12Hurdles courses help all graduates win great jobs. They help employers hire diverse talent. And they help educational institutions help their paying customers!  

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