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Pros and Cons of Video Interview

Posted 4/10/2016

I recently completed screening graduate applications using video. The video submissions were just one element of the candidate’s application and one tool in the screening process.

My thoughts:
For confident graduates, video really allowed their personality to shine through. More so, than it would in a phone screening interview. On the other hand, some candidates were nervous and would likely have performed better with an interviewer putting them at ease.

Pre-set questions need to be well thought out. Ask a general question and you get a general answer. A downside of the video interview is that there is no opportunity to prompt a candidate for clarification to their answer.

For interviewers don’t expect the video interview to reduce reliance on the resume. Many times candidates answered questions without referencing their key achievements or relevant work experience.

From a technical perspective, video quality was generally fine but sound quality varied greatly. Needed ear phones and had to be ready to quickly adjust the volume.

Overall, compared to a phone screening interview, it was good to see the candidate’s personality come through in video. And video is definitely a more efficient process for an employer.

But the phone interview delivers a more effective assessment of the candidate. And it enables a personal relationship to be established between the candidate and the employer. I also wonder how many potential candidates dropped out from the video submission.

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