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Video Submission

Don’t take these lightly. The format and purpose is similar to a screening interview. Video submissions are time savers for recruiters. The recruiter can view it at any time and if you're strong, share it with hiring managers.

So your video needs to convey an overall professional image. That includes the background which is visible to the recruiter.

When recruiters are under pressure to screen out candidates, it's easy to choose a candidate whose overall image looks sloppy or unprofessional. They'll figure the person couldn't be bothered putting in the effort, so the candidate is moved to the reject folder.  

Pros and Cons of Video Interview

Posted 4/10/2016

I recently completed screening graduate applications using video. The video submissions were just one element of the candidate’s application and one tool in the screening process.

My thoughts:
For confident graduates, video really allowed their personality to shine through. More so, than it would in a phone screening interview. On the other hand, some candidates were nervous and would likely have performed better with an interviewer putting them at ease.

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Graduate Can't Get Past Video Stage

Posted 12/31/2015

This business graduate has a credit average grade, 2 internships, part-time work (retail, tutoring etc), awards and extra-curricular activities etc. In all applications he's reached either video interview stage or assessment center. He wants to know why he's not getting through.

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