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An easy screen out tool especially for organizations receiving thousands of applications. Cognitive skill testing is common - numerical, verbal and abstracting reasoning. Yet too many employers can't explain the relationship between the minimum scores they set and the candidate's probability of success in the organization.

So what is the purpose of testing? It's an easy screen-out option. And that's backed up by the fact that many employers (including some of the biggest graduate employers out there) get you to do testing in an unsupervised environment. It means you can have your "test wizard" friend complete the tests for you. If the employer was serious (and some are), they will get you to complete the tests under supervision (in their offices). 

Concerned About Online Testing? Get a Friend!

Posted 3/2/2016

Recently I was at a meeting of graduate employers and asked the question, how many employers ever validate their screening testing and assessment results as a predictor of success within the organisation. Do the testing benchmarks they use to screen graduates correlate to success within the organization 3 or 5 years out? The unsurprising answer was no. The overwhelming majority never go back to do any analysis.

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