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Online Application  

The first hurdle and it’s pass or fail based on hard data to screen you out including degree, grades and quantifiable questions. Don’t fit the cookie cutter and you’re rejected. 

And there can be subjective questions too. For example an employer may ask "how do you rate your leadership skills relative to your peers? Check the box for Top 10%, Top 25% or Top 50%."

Guess what? For an employer to ask that question, it means that leadership is very important. So if you want to progress, it's likely they'll take candidates who checked Top 10%. Remember, this is only a self-assessment so no-one can dispute your rating. And who knows how your competitors are self-rating!

If you really want this graduate job, you have to get past this first hurdle.  

Name Discrimination

Posted 12/31/2015

Last week I was speaking with a recent graduate who believed he was a victim of name discrimination in his job applications. While I'd like to believe that doesn't happen today, the reality is there are many lazy recruiters (employers and agencies) who stereotype based on name.   

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