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In-Person Interview

First impressions make the difference. We’ve all heard it and it’s true. Within 2 minutes the interviewer will have formed an opinion of you - good or bad. After that, the rest of the interview is validation of their initial assessment.

Expect questions on behavioral skills and relevant technical skills. And then some more to confirm if you're a good cultural fit. Examples may be strengths and weaknesses, personal interests, why you want to work here and your career objective.

Make sure you're prepared with one or two questions to ask the interviewer at the end.   

No Questions for the Interviewer - Rejected!

Posted 1/6/2016

As an experienced graduate recruiter I know that the candidates are still fairly new to the whole interview process.  So when I’ve finished asking the candidate questions I switch over to discuss the client organization, its background and culture, career paths, how the graduate program works concluding with next steps in the process. I try to anticipate what they want to know. I seem to do a pretty good job as most times, when I ask “do you have any questions for me?” they pause and chuckle and say “I think you answered all the questions that I had.”

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First Impressions

Posted 1/6/2016

It's commonly accepted that first impressions count. And that's especially true in an interview. From the initial physical engagement between the interviewer and the candidate, the welcoming words, the interaction as they settle into their chairs, to the first question.

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