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Cultural Fit

Most employers find it difficult to communicate to graduates what cultural fit is for their own organization. But it’s assessed throughout the application and assessment processes, screening out applicants along the way.

Here are some examples.

  • Personal image 
  • Career ambition (rapid vs steady)
  • Work type preference (intellectual vs hands-on / people)
  • Work style preference (individual vs teams)
  • Energy level (fast paced vs steady)
  • Industry – customers, products /services (interest level)

What Employers Look For But Don't Tell You

Posted 2/12/2016

"We look for well-rounded candidates who have successfully balanced university, work experience and extra-curricular activities, the ability to work in a team and a desire to learn and drive your own career. Your motivation to work in our industry".

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Rejected Because I Wasn't a Good Cultural Fit

Posted 12/31/2015

The past couple of days I had conversations with young professionals going for jobs who had been rejected by different employers because of “cultural fit”. They found it a vague reason and wanted to know more. What does cultural fit really mean?

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