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Example of a Great Graduate Cover Letter

Posted 12/31/2015

Format: 3 Paragraphs. 

  1. Who I am
  2. Why my background is a good fit
  3. Why I want a career in the industry and why I have specifically chosen this company

(This is written for a Marketing graduate and should be adapted to reflect your background and employer interest)

I am a recent Business graduate of XYZ University where I majored in Consumer Marketing and achieved a GPA of X.X. For my final year, I competed a research project in shopper behaviour for which I received an academic award. My research paper has been submitted for publication in the Marketing Journal. 

My career interest is in marketing and brand management. As Vice-President of our Marketing Student Association I developed an innovative digital campaign that increased membership by 28% and attracted sponsor advertising, doubling our revenue target. I have completed two internships, one as a Digital Intern with a media agency and the other as a Marketing Assistant with a local retail group. I also volunteer for a charity where I used my research and analytics skills to devise a new marketing strategy which was approved by the Board and is about to be implemented.

My studies and work experience have made me passionate about a career in consumer goods brand management. I really enjoy developing consumer insights, new product development and brand positioning. For me ABC Company stands out from others because of its leadership brands and the company’s commitment to deliver genuine value to its consumers. The organization’s values of integrity, growth and challenge really resonate with me. I am very excited at the possibility of working for ABC and look forward to hearing from you shortly.  



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