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12 Hurdles

There are always a minority of graduates who successfully find great graduate jobs on their own. They’re the ones who flow through the process and easily fit the employer’s graduate profile or "cookie cutter".

But for the majority, the process is hit and miss. They may know about the steps in the application and assessment processes. But what they don’t know is what it takes to be successful at each stage and how to avoid being eliminated when they are in fact a strong candidate.

Graduate recruiters are time poor. Because of that they use the graduate process to screen out candidates to a manageable number. And for a graduate it creates 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job. 

Learn more about each of the 12 Hurdles:

        1. Online Application

        2. Cover Letter

        3. Resume

        4. Grades

        5. Testing

        6. Cultural Fit

        7. Screening Interview

        8. Video Submission

        9. Assessment Center

        10. In Person Interview

        11. Background Checks

        12. Job Offer

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